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John Sturgess RIP

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John Sturgess C829 RIP

John has sadly taken his leave of us aged 77.
A Leicester resident he competed with distinction for his home City Club, who promoted the 1988 Congerstone 100 Miles, which he completed in 19:15.58 and repeated this feat twice more elsewhere.  In that race 75 started/47 finished.
John was one of 19 new Centurions.  It was the 5th (and last) time Leicester promoted a 100 Miles' event on their Congerstone course, as traffic levels had caused concerns.  After that Leicester moved to the quiet village of Hungarton where 3 such bi-annual races were held before the curtain came down.

Leicester Walking Club are saddened by the news of the death of John Sturgess after a very short illness.  John was a life member of the club and being a stalwart of long distance walking will be remembered by lots of people up and down the country for his long striding and determined style.  Colin Vesty

Sad news about John.  He was a very strong walker, and did an amazing time on a difficult course.   Chris Flint

We too remember the challenging Leicester WC courses, and have strong memories of John in the blue and white vest of LWC of which he was a committed member.  John knew how to dig deep, but also had a warm smile.  We shall remember him as an honoured and much valued Centurion.   Sandra (C735) and Richard (C760) Brown

He was well known for strong distance walking and he returned again at the Hungarton course, again with a  quick time.   I remember both courses as being tough tests which reflected John's determination.  Martin Fisher.   Centurions' Captain

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