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No more Olympics 50km

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Published in Race walking news · 7 December 2020
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Paris Olympics 2024

It seems that the 50km race walk has been replaced by other athletic "sporting" challenges in the 2024 Paris Olympics.
  • skateboarding
  • break dancing
are amongst the new "sporting" events althoufh skateboarding will be in the Tokyo Games

It was sad to see the 50km race walk being replaced by a much shorter event after Tokyo, but race walkers worldwide now find it hard to digest the IOC's decision in December 2020 to include break dancing and skateboarding into the Olympics.
World Athletics statement:
Regarding the long race walk, we will consult with our athletes and Competition Commission to develop an event that is able to feature both men and women. The IOC has suggested this could be any mixed gender event using any current venue, however we are only considering a mixed gender race walk event.
Statement from  World  Athletics

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