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Peter Ryan C984

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Published in Centurion news · 2 December 2020
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Funeral of Peter Ryan

For thoses Centurions who knew Peter Ryan his funeral takes place Thursday, 3rd December 2020.
Due to restrictions placed on the numner of people who can gather in one place, the funeral will be available for those who wish to pay their respects.
12/3/20 12:45pm - 12/3/20 2:00pm  at  The Crematoriun Woking.
Please follow the link below

Peter Ryan c984 Passed away peacefully on 13th November.
Hailing from Sheffield and always proud of his heritage Peter was a larger than life character. Among his many walking successes were his Open Seven win in 2002 and ERWL victory over a decade later in 2013. However, his greatest triumph was winning the Surrey WC & London Vidarians Hundred at Newmarket in 2003.
Peter passed through 50 miles in 9.08.10 with a 23 minute lead ahead of Sandra Brown and RWV Holland's William Mutze. Sandra dropped away in the second half of the race leaving William as his nearest challenger, who was still 23 minutes in his wake at 90 miles. Over the last ten miles Peter took a "right packet" and was prostrated on the grass at one point. But with encouragement he rallied and the iconic photograph of him finishing captures not only the strain and pain, but the dogged determination that enabled him to hold off his Dutch rival by just 55 seconds and earn the accolade “Man of Steel from the City of Steel”.


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