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Richard Walks London

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18 September 2020
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Just for fun?
Richard explains...
With all the race cancellations this year I decided to create a couple solo adventure walks for myself.  In my most recent adventure I decided to walk to all of London's 270 tube stations.  It took me just under six days and turned out to be the hardest walk I've ever done.
As proof that I had visited all the tube stations I took a selfie outside each station and have now turned those 270 photos, plus a few others, into a video where I talk through how my adventure went.
Given that he would be walking solidly for 5 days or so, he decided that it would be prudent to gram some sleep in parks during teh day and walk throughout the night. In view of this, he decided to raise money for Centrepoint - a charity for the homeless. Ricahrd has a choice to sleep rough 0 the homeless don't.
But not everything went to plan - but Richard is very resourceful as well as very determined.
Watch Richard's video blog
Lots more of Richard's adventures on Richard Walks London

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