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Roger Quenemr RIP

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Published in Race walking news · 19 July 2021
Décès de Roger Quemener, septuple vainqueur de la mythique épreuve de marche Paris/Colmar
Le spécialiste du grand fond, le Breton Roger Quemener, est décédé dimanche à l'âge de 80 ans. Il a marqué l'épreuve du Paris-Colmar à la marche pour l'avoir emportée à sept reprises.
[Derniere nouvelled d'Alsace]

For anyone who has raced in France over the decades, the name, Roger Quenemer, will be familiar. Roger took part in the 200km race walks and was a winner of the Paris Colmar several times. Roger was also involved with the adminstration of the race and would be found at many of the great race walks over the last few decades.
Roger died 18 July 2021 aged 80 years.
There has been so many posts on Facebook today (19 July) to acknowledg Roger Quenemer and his contribution to  the "grand marche"  ...
"The walking world is mourning today, it has lost one of its great men, who created the great history of our wonderful sport. We need legends to feed our imagination, Roger Quemener is one. I didn't know him personally but I was able to exchange a few times in PM with him, he always responded very kindly. The many testimonies read today on Facebook prove how much it weighed on your hearts. My thoughts are with him and his family."

Roger was such a respected racewalker in France during his walking career and afterwards. How we all need heroes like Roger.

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