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Royan 48 hours race

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Published in race results · 6 October 2019
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Royan 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours.... and the rest...
4th-6th October 2019
Royan, France

No Centurions taking part this year, but many well known names from the French race walking circuits were there. And many non-licenced walkers were also taking part and appear to do well.
This is not a judged walk but the race does have a walking category and results and podium finishers are recognised.
The course is a 400 metre dirt track in Royan and the course does have many twists and turns to get in a lap distance of just under 1000 metres.
It is also open to the elements of the Atlantic weather!

The 48 hour race (walk) was won by Laurent PINEAU (FRA) with a distance of 253.921 km.
Note that New Zealander Centurion Richard McChesney had a winning distance in 2018 of 278.386 km. > RESULTS
2019 results:
24 hours race (walking category) was won by Yves-Michel Kerlau (FRA) with 166.869 km > RESULTS
12 hours... Gerard Durand 93.48km > RESULTS

Post race info... 07 October 2019...
interestingly, the winner of the 24 hours Yves-Michel has just been congratulated on qualifying for Paris Alsace 2020! Given that Royan is not a judged race walk, questions need to be asked.
And indeed, Yves-Michel did ask. He did, as he says, actually qualify with his Roubaix 28 hour result.

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