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Continental Centurions
The Continental Centurions organisation was established 1973 and the first Continental Centurion (C.C.1) was Jan Vos.
Continental Centurions are mainly Dutch, but there is an evergrowing number of German, Belgian, British and Danish race walkers who have qualified as Continental Centurions.

The Continental Centurion title is handed out by the R.W.V. as it is the most active and largest race walking club in the Netherlands.

The rules to obtain this title are roughly the same as for British Centurions - racewalking  160.928 kilometres (100 miles) within 24 hours at an approved race on Dutch soil in a judged competition.
A Continental Centurion also receives a unique number.
Continental Centurion races are held in the Netherland every year and are organised by the country's two major walking clubs - Rotterdam Wandel Vereining (RWV) and OLAT - on alternate years.
  • RWV hold their race in Princess Beatrix Park in Schiedam just outside Rotterdam.
  • OLAT stage their race in Weert to the east of the country.
Usually , the Continental Centurions qualifying race  includes various races:
24 hours
100 miles
50 miles
so take your pick if you don't want to do a 100 mile race or want to get the practice of building up to the distance in a race environment.

List of Continental Centurions after Weert  June 2019

Continental Centurions
Organised on alternate years between the  two  major walking clubs in the Netherlands - RWV in Schiedam (Rotterdam) and OLAT in Weert


The 2020 race, due to be held in Schiedam , was cancelled. The 2021 race in Weert was postponed until the autumn and went ahead with reduced numbers.
The 24 hour/100 mile race might have been cancelled BUT ...RWV organised a "virtual" almost 100 mile race.  Just slightly a few miles less!

  • 2nd virtual Decurion:    anytime between 10-24 May 2021
  • Continental Decurion June 13-14, 2020
Results - a list of the new Continental Decurions  pdf]

A nod to the Walking Weekend with the Centurion competition that could not take place - just 10 miles (16,093 km) as it suits you.
Many participants posted messages and photos  on the RWV Decurion  Facebook page and it meant a huge coming together of Centurions indicating  that we are still active together, but each in our own environment from our own front door.
A brilliant iniative.
In 2020, the RWV continued to be proactive in organising their Winter Series of races as virtual events - racing or just simply hiking 1km, 5km 10km and 15km. This has continued into the 2021-2022 Winter Series alongside the actual "in person"  races being held. in Rotterdam.
Results  from past Continental Centurion  races (not a complete list)
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