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French ultra race walks
In France, there are several 24 hour race walks, many ofwhich are qualifying events for the prestitigous Paris Alsace (previously Paris Strasbourg/Paris Colmar) where many notable Centurions have participated over the years. These races are also selected for the French National Championships at both 24 hours and 100km.

There are, of course, many other ultra races in France - some are judged race walks, some have walking categories in running ultras and others are just running races - "go as you please" races.
The Paris Alsace

Paris Alsace qualifying races

Originally, the qualifying races for Paris Strasbourg/Paris Colmar were 200km (and even longer in some years) in 24 hours,  but for the last 20 years or so, not many walkers actually managed to reach 200km within the 24 hour time limit, so the distance of 200km distance was dropped and it became just a 24 hour race.

Read more on the Paris Alsace.

All the races are list ed on the fixtures page
Results of these French races are posted on the ultra race results
ultra race walking in France
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