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Malaysian Centurions

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A very unique band of Centurions as the race no longer exists!
The first 100 mile race was held in 2001 and then on alternate years - 2003, 2005 and lastly in 2007. Sadly, no results to report.
Consequently as the "race" to achieve all the Centurion badges, only Sandra Brown now holds all seven!

Not much is recorded about any of the races...but known facts are -

Historically, Malaysian race walking judge Khoo Chong Beng had previously announced that Malaysia host an inaugural 24 Hour Endurance Walk, offering Malaysia Centurion status to anyone reaching the 100 mile mark. The event was held in August with a large field of over 180 starters, including 30 international walkers. Through sponsorship, the organisers were able to fund the trip for selected overseas entrants with subsidised airfares and all Malaysian accomodation costs covered. To some, it seemed at the time,  that selection criteria was rather dubious.
The race was held in the Genting Highlands Resort at 5000’ altitude about an hour’s drive outside Kuala Lumpur and was judged differently to most Centurions qualifyong races, with anyone given a report being docked a lap by way of penalty. Overall, 11 walkers completed the 100 miles within 24 hours, Sandra Brown amongst them. Thus Sandra now had all six centurion badges, ahead of Jill and Herbert with five. Khoo Chong Beng subsequently announced that this new event would be held every two years.

The actually course was deemed to very difficult - mostly uphilll and in hot, humid conditions.
But despite the conditions, some 40 walkers over the years did mange to complete the 100 miles in 24 hours. Mostly those who completed the course were experienced ultra 24 hour race walkers with only four Malaysian walkers actually ever completing the course.

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