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British Centurion - the original Centurions 1911

Centurions 1911 is not a club and the rules to qualify as a Centurion are quite simple:
  • a race walker must have fulfilled the performance criteria set both by the Centurions and the English Race walking Association (RWA) which is to walk 100 miles within a 24 hour time limit in accordance with the current RWA racewalking rules.
  • the application must be unanimously accepted by members at a general meeting where the athlete would then be "invited" to become a Centurion. This "process" has not changed much over the years, except that these days, walkers who have finished the race in the qualifying time are normally awarded their Centurion number on race day at the awards presentation.
  • Centurion numbers are awarded in strict sequential order of qualification ie finishing time within the 100 mile race.

The British Centurions have a Committee to ensure that the "Brotherhood" continues and that their 100 mile qualifying races are well organised according to their standards - which also includes the race walking rules set by the RWA and England Athletics.

In 2011 the British Centurions celebrated their 100th anniversary with a dinner at the House of Commons.
> Read more on the Centurions history
> List of British Centurions (2019)

Want to join this unique band of walkers? then sign up for the 2020 race! CANCELLED

hopefully in 2021, a British Centurions qualifying race will take place.

The British Centurions award several trophies  for winners and finishers in teor 100 miles race.
See what's on offer > trophies and awards

Since 1911 there have been many Centurion Achievements.
  • C12 Bill Brown -1908 London Olympics 3,500 metre Walk (disqualified). More on Bill Brown
  • C175 Rex Whitlock  1936 Olympic 50K gold medalist; 1952 Helsinki Olympic 50K - Rex Whitlock 4th.
  • C276 Frank O'Reilly-Competed in the 1960 Rome Olympic 50K for Eire.
  • C376 John Kelly -1968 Mexico Olympic 50K Competed for Eire (did not finish).
  • C631 Don Thompson MBE - Gold medalist in the Rome Olympic 1960 50K.
  • C778 Brian Adams - 1976 Montreal Olympic 20K.
  • C1064 Ian Richards - 1980 Moscow Olympic 50K.
  • C1098 Dominic King - 2012 London Olympic 50K; 2016 Rio Olympic 50K (DQ'd)

Commonwealth Games Centurions include UK's Ron Wallwork and Bill Sutherland...Tim Erickson (Australia)

Captain's Newsletters

The Captain of British Centurions traditionally wrote a "Christmas Letter" to all Centurions - in the early years always posted to Centurions. Sadly not digitised.
When Sandra Brown was elected Captain in 2012, she introduced a more regular Captains Letter as there was so much going on!
Captain, Kathy Crilley continued with this great initiative until the end of 2018 and so today we have a great record of what Centurions were doing.

... and a few more stats
  • In 1977, for the first time in British 100 miles history, women were allowed to compete on equal terms with the men and the first Centurion qualification by a woman was achieved by Ann Sayer (C599) at the Bristol 100. In fact, Ann had become a Continental Centurion earlier that year in St. Odenrode finishing in a time of 21 hours and 46 minutes;
  • Eddie McNeir (C375) completed 10 Centurion events between the ages of 65 and 75 after whom a trophy is named for the first man over 65 to complete 100 miles;
  • John Moulin set the fastest Centurion qualifying time of 16.55.44 in 1971.
  • Sandra Brown has completed over 26 UK 100 miles, and over 41 Centurion races around the world, and has won the UK ladies 100 miles event 25 times. Sandra became the first person to achieve all seven worldwide Centurion awards. (see the multi Centurions list)
  • 1877 to 2019, 96 Centurion qualifying events have been held in the UK.
  • In 2019 last number awarded  was C1211
  • 17 of the 96 events held to 2019 have been track races.
  • Dominic King (C1098) who qualified at Colchester in 2012 alongside his twin brother Dan (C1100) are the first twins to become Centurions
  • the over 70s Amazingly there are a number of race walkers who achieve their Centurion status when they have reached the magical age of 70 or over. View the List of the over 70s

Steve Taylor from the Isle of Man has compiled the following stats:
  • There have been six 100 mile races held on the Isle of Man resulting 176 performances by in 140 different people.
  • Each event was on a different course with 109 walkers attaining Centurion status.
  • 1998 - Parish Walk plus 15 miles on Douglas promenade - 4 new Centurions
  • 2006 - NSC track and roadway - 25 new Centurions
  • 2013 - NSC roadway - 24 new Centurions
  • 2015 - Castletown (2 mile lap) - 32 new Centurions
  • 2018 - NSC track - 8 new Centurions
  • 2019 - Castletown (1mile loop) - 16 new Centurions
  • Female finishers - 31
  • Male finishers - 109
  • Sandra Brown is the fastest woman at 19:28:47 and the only woman to break 20 hours.
  • Richard Gerrard is the fastest man at 18:29:39. Only he and Dave Talcott have broken 19 hours.
  • Finishers by nationality, the Isle of Man is counted within GBR
  • AUS - 2, BEL - 15, GBR - 89, NED - 30, RSA - 2, SWE - 1, USA - 1

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