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50km Dudince Grand Prix

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Published in Race news · 24 October 2020
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50km Dudince Grand Prix, 24 October 2020

Olympic champion Matej Tóth triumphed in the 50km Dudince Grand Prix, a European Athletics Association competition that took place todaym 24 October 2020, in pouring rain and a temperature of 11 degrees Celsius.
The Slovakian athlete completed the 50 laps of the circuit in 3:41:15, reaching the best world mark of the year and reaching his essential goal of reaching the Olympic minimums, set at 3:50:00.

This was the fourth time that Tóth has won the prestigious Dudince event, winning the Slovak distance title and becoming the first athlete in track and field to secure a passport to the Tokyo / Sapporo Olympics in August next year.

This year’s event also had other reasons of interest, with three other athletes holding Olympic minimums in the distance. Pole, Rafal Augustyn, finished second with a time of 3:47:42, winning the country champion, followed by Ecuador Andrés Chocho with 3:48:57, and Germany's Karl Junghannß, with 3: 49:45, who was in second place seconds behind Tóth, around 40 kilometers, but still finishing below the Olympic limit.

In the womens race, the only two Polish athletes participating were in good shape, beating Agnieszka Ellward, with a time of 4:38:44, who is the Polish record holder (4:31:19, Alytus, 2019), followed by 'Antonina Loreková, with 4:41:16, personal best for more than 3 minutes.

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