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the website for Centurion race walkers worldwide
designed for Centurions race walkers around the world and for anyone with the common interest of walking long distances
plus information on all the worldwide Centurion organisations brought together in this one website
with the latest news and results from the many ultra race walks around the world

COVID-19 update

Many races and walking events worldwide have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Sadly this includes our Centurions qualifying races:
Only the New Zealand  Sri Chimnoy 24 hour race 14-15 November went  ahead in 2020 -   results at my raceresults; the  Roubaix 28 hour race also took place in September 2020   > results
Hopefully the situation  will get better in 2021.  Australian Centurions have announced the date of their 2021 qualifying race - 17-18 April 2021. Details on the Australian Centurions page
In France, the dates for the 2021 edition of the Paris Alsace CREDIT-MUTUAL has been announced. Further details to follow.

Virtual races: Rotterdam walking club (RWV) have replaced their "actual" Winterseries of races to virtual walks - with several distances up to 15km aand all from your front door.  Next race 7th February RWV website
please check the Fixture/events list - this will be regularly updated as and when information is received as to the current status of races.
who we are
Centurions are a worldwide community of race walkers who have completed a 100 mile race in 24 hours

Centurion 100 mile races now take place every year in Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, USA and the UK. Each country has its own unique award which race walkers strive to gain.
A Centurion 100 mile race can only be described as the ultimate test of physical and mental endurance and whether you succeed or not in your race, you will meet an amazing bunch of walkers who will  always make you welcome.
No matter which country or continent you compete in, the camaradie amongst the walkers is something which will last a lifetime.
Completing a Centurion event can also be described as an epic experience !  
so do come and join in !
all about race walking
so what's race walking?
Well, it's an athletic event with races from 5km up to multi day events. The Olympic Games hosts 20km and 50km races and there are also races held at the Commonwealth Games, World, European and Masters Championship races.
Race walking is defined as a technical sport under World Athletics rules:  "...a progression of steps so taken that the walker makes contact with the ground...”
At race walking events there are qualified race walking judges to ensure that athletes comply with the rules.
Here's how to find out all you need to know about the sport... the rules, the judging system... and much more...  
more on race walking >

what is a Centurion?
well, its all about (race) walking 100 miles in 24 hours! ... and yes, it it can be achieved.

The official athletic definition is:  
"A Centurion is an amateur athlete who has walked 100 miles within 24 hours in a judged competition
so the rules to qualify as a Centurion are really "quite simple" - just walk 100 miles in 24 hours in accordance with the Centurions and national racewalking rules.
Simple !
We have plenty of information on our website about the Centurions, plus everything you need to know how to become one.   
So do take the challenge!
training for ultras
FAQs, articles on training for 100 miles and  plenty of tips on more or less everything you need to know about training for a 100 mile/24 hour race from the experts!
what to wear ... what to eat, drink... and lots more about nutrition to sustain you during a 24 hours race...

ultra races
France has traditionally been the "home" of 24 hours - specifically for races where athletes can qualify for the famous Paris Alsace multi-day race - so there are several races to explore on this particular circuit!
However, there are also many races to choose from around the world: some are races for ultra runners but many do incorporate a walking event, some of  which are judged by qualilfied race walking judges...
don't fancy a 24 hour race?
Some walkers just don't stop at 100 miles/24 hour races... oh yes, there are more challenges out there! From 6 hours, 12 hours to 6 days and longer...
Classic races from the Parish Walk (85 miles) on the Isle of Man, the Paris Alsace (France) 300km and so much more....
Take your pick!
More on ultra races >

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