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La Voie Sacree

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Published by C933 in Race news · 18 November 2019
Tags: ultraraces
La Voie Sacree - Verdun to Bar le Duc (FRA)
11 November 2019
This race is held on Armistice Day (a public holiday in France) and the race alternates the route from Verdun to Bar le Duc and the Bar le Duc to Verdun.

Whilst "short-ish", it is a tough race as it is a steep uphill for almost half the race and the time limit is quite tough as well. Personal support is needed as there is only one support station a few kilometres outside Bar le Duc.
Neverthless, it is a briliant race and is well recommended.

In 2019, Centurion Christer Svensson took part and came 3rd.

3rd 5h50’14 Svensson Christer Suède

Other Centurions taking part in previous years include Frans Leitjens (NED) and Kathy Crilley (GBR)

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